May 08, 2014

On the Night of Museums stars will shine across Estonia

Autor: Triin Männik
On Saturday 17th May, Estonian museums will open their doors for visitors for a night of special events and exhibitions, celebrating the Night of Museums in Estonia for the sixth year running. In 2014, the Museum Night will take place under an umbrella theme of "Stars in the Night" - or, in Estonian, Öös on tähti.

In Estonian, the word for star is täht, and it can have a number of meanings. Taevatähed - stars in the sky - symbolise the distant and inaccessible, inspire us to invent space ships and discover the Universe. Kirjatähed - letters of the alphabet - help us to express our thoughts and ideas, allow us to discuss and debate, record the spoken word, write poetry. Seadusetäht - the letter of the law - is set to protect our rights. Sporditähed - sport stars - inspire us to go faster, higher, stronger - citius, altius, fortius. Museums from all across Estonia have put together special one-night programmes, inspired by one or the other of those themes.

There will be more than 130 museums participating in the Night of Museums programme - but this year also brings a number of new additions to the list. There are churches, archives, exhibition galleries and even the whole village of Ääsmäe involved in offering a special Museum Night programme. For the first time during the Night of Museums, also Tallinn Botanical Gardens will be opening their doors.

As always, there are several new museums to the programme. One of these is the Estonian Firefighting Museum in Tallinn, Raua St 2, which will open its 11 storey tower for the general public for the first time. The evening will include special tours and storytelling about the remarkable fire station building, where the museum is housed. The programme will be in Estonian, but the panoramic view from the top of the tower will translate into any language.
There are interesting events across all the museums, but among some of the more intriguing is the propaganda-themed programme “Red Stars in the Night” at the Estonian History Museum’s Maarjamäe palace. Visitors will be invited to look into how propaganda and information wars were waged 90 years ago. There will also be a special workshop where participants get to make their own propaganda leaflet. The programme is in Estonian, but the all exhibitions are English-speaker friendly.

That same evening, the biggest celebration of European museums – the European Museum of the Year Award Ceremony – will also be held in Estonia, in Tallinn, at the Estonian Art Museum. One of the nominees for the title this year comes also from Estonia - it’s the Estonian Maritime Museum’s Seaplane Harbour - there will be a lot of excitement in the air. 

The Night of Museums is organised by Estonian museums and the Estonian Museum Association with ICOM Estonia. For more info, see and

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